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Buying Islamic Books in Pakistan

Islamic Books are an integral part of learning about the religion of Islam. However, many books are available to readers that do not contain accurate information about the subject matter. Thus it is exceedingly important to purchase books that are published by renowned publishers and by recognized authors. Religion is not a matter that can be taken lightly and for this very reason, it is importnt books are accurately published. The leading publisher of Islamic Books in Pakistan is a company called "Dar-us-Salam Publications".

Dar-us-Salam is a Multilingual International Islamic Publishing House and offers its clientele with a wide range of authentic books on all Islamic matters. These include a number of books on Hadith, the principles of Islam, the pillars of Islam and many more. They publish books that are free of any sectarianism and are written in light of the Quran or Sunnah. The concept of this was to produce exceptional Islamic books in an assortment of languages including Arabic, English, Urdu, Spanish, French, Hindi, Turkish, Indonesian, Russian and Albanian languages. The owners of Dar-us-Salam wanted to create an organization where books could be published that illustrated the basic doctrines of Islam as stated in the holy Quran and interpreted by the most acclaimed Islamic scholars of the world.

The books that they offer are unique in their content, as they do not publish anything without authenticating and reviewing all submitted materials by their own board of scholars first. This provides them with the advantage of being able to offer books that are accurate and valid in all Islamic subject matter. In addition to the previously printed books, they are also compiling a series of books on Islamic history which will provide reliable and genuine information regarding all historical incidents of the Muslim world.

Even though Dar-us-Salam is a Saudi Arabia based publishing house, their books are valued all over the world because of their authenticity. All major bookstores that carry Islamic Books in various countries are sure to carry a range of books by Dar-us-Salam. Dar-us-Salam has its own offices in over 15 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Pakistan, India, Malaysia and more. Their world famous website dar-us-salam.com provides Islamic books to all Muslims as well as Non Muslims who are interested in learning about Islam. Islamic Impressions is another excellent online source for purchasing Islamic Books published by Dar-us-Salam. They carry a wide range of Islamic books for the interested reader.

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Sabtu, 05 September 2015

Introduction To Islamic Clothing


As we all know the Islam is one of the biggest religions in the world. The people who follow Islam are spread all over the world; hence their clothing may change from place to place .In Asia, the Thuabs and Jubbahs are most prevalent Muslim people. Most men among the Islamic religion prefer to wear Jubbahs and pajamas as they are very comfortable and hygienic as climatic conditions in Asia, where it is very hot and humid in most parts of the year.

Most women wear the salwar-kurta and black Burkha over the face. The clothing of boys and girls are similar to clothing of their parents. Basically these people have simple day to day clothing but for festival and main occasions they wear very highly design beautiful cloths. One can easily notice the difference between urban wearing and typical wearing at rural areas.


As Muslim people are living in almost every part of the world and hence their clothing may change from place to place as they adopt the life style as per the culture and climatic conditions of their new country. Islamic clothing can be differentiate into two main categories, Islamic urban wear and Islamic rural wear. Urban wear mainly consists of highly fashionable cloths which are costly and it includes shirt paint with suit and traditional jubbah and pajamas. And Islamic rural wear consists of cotton jubbah and pajamas for men and salwar-kurta and black Burkha over the face.

Availability of Muslim Clothes

Islamic urban wear and Thuabs, jubbahs can be bought through any online shopping site such as eBay and others where many different types of beautiful Islamic clothing are available at 30-40% rate discount as compared to actual prices at outlets. It is always beneficial to buy Islamic urban or traditional clothing at wholesale market.

Also, one can buy Islamic cloths for men and women on roadside and there are many famous shops are that only sold Islamic cloths. Islamic clothing such as jubbahs and pajamas are comfortable and can be matched with any personality. It helps that the personality and people who wear Islamic clothing look different from others and can be easily found in crowd. Islamic cloths and jubbahs are used by many peoples in music and in other fields such as in films even in films.

Islamic clothing is simple and attractive, giving it a rising popularity among citizens of today. Most cloths are made from cotton and hence they are most suitable for the hot and humid conditions in Asia. As the cloths are available in most current fashionable style can be wear for many occasions and looks very different from traditional occasion cloths. and the Best place to buy these cloths online where one can buy this cloths at very low cost and these cloths are available in many different ranges so one choice as per its interest. So one must try the Islamic clothing and feel the pride of wearing such high quality dresses.

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Jumat, 04 September 2015

Islam - Basic Beliefs and Concepts

Islam is the most growing religion on earth, there are more than 2 Billion humans all over the world called Muslims. Islam is based on the Submission of human will to One God who is called in Arabic "Allah" The only One, The Superior and The Only Creator Of This Universe with no partners and all the existence under his own Control.

Islam was the religion given to Adam The first Man on Earth who was created by God, not as fallen being. All The Prophets & Messengers of God "Allah" to humankind on Earth were Muslims including Adam, Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Jacob, Jesus and Mohammad. They have the same basic Message to Mankind: "La Ilaha Illa Allah" which means no God worth of worshiping Except Allah and anything else is his servant and creation.

Although those prophets came with different books, practices and methods of worshiping, Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him and all other prophets) was the last Messenger of Allah On earth Before the Day of Judgment.

The Basic Message of Islam is the absolute Unity of Allah 'God' and he is not independent on anything or anyone else or even alike, he is not three on one nor father and son, Muslims beliefs on Jesus as Allah's Prophet and Messenger and his servant just like all other prophets Including Mohammad and Moses.

Islam believes that God and his creations are completely different entities. Allah is not his creation nor he is a part of it. Islam believes that his essence and his great knowledge are everywhere on his creation.

Islam calls the human away from the worshiping of the creation of Allah and invites him to the worshiping of the creator -- Allah himself, because the greatest sin of humanity is the worshiping of the creation.

Among the basics of Islamic Religion, the most important part is the belief in one God 'Allah' and He is the only Creator, Ruler, Lord, Administrator and Master of all that exists, And this Universe exists and functions because the will of Allah alone.

Allah responds to man's prayer and He is the only one who has the power to accept or reject it. He is the Master of man's destiny, no one ever else can interfere with the fate of others or even with his own fate!

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Kamis, 03 September 2015

Islam and Honor Killings

One of the gravest charges levied against Islam, in terms of its alleged antipathy towards women, is the charge that it encourages a phenomenon known as honor killings. This un-Islamic practice consists of the murder of female family members who are seen as dishonoring their families through real or perceived acts, such as premarital sexual relations or unapproved dating.

This practice has absolutely no sanction in the Qur'an, the Prophetic practice, or in the evolved systems of Islamic law. In the case of fornication or adultery, the only way a charge can be levied against an individual, male or female, is through confession, which is discouraged, or by four people actually witnessing the male organ penetrating the female. Even if four people witnessed a naked man engaged with a naked woman, but could not actually testify that they witnessed penetration, their testimony would be rejected.

In a somewhat related issue, it should be noted that in three of the four Sunni schools of law, as is the case with all of the major Shiite schools, pregnancy is not a proof of fornication, as the possibility of rape exists in such a case. Therefore, if a single woman were to become pregnant, according to the overwhelming majority of Islamic jurists, there is no basis for punishing her. In the few well-publicized instances where a pregnant woman has been threatened with a punishment, the minority opinion of the Maliki School of law was unjustly evoked, as occurred in Nigeria[1], or criminal malfeasance occurred as is the case in Pakistan[2].

In the case of dating, there is no Islamically-mandated punishment for a male or a female seeing a member of the opposite sex against the wishes of their families. Hence, to kill a female guilty of one of these offenses is not some sort of Islamic punishment, it is cold-blooded murder, and no Islamic authority can argue otherwise.

The overwhelming majority of Muslim societies are free from such practices, although they do endure in some parts of the Middle East and South Asia. According to statistics released by the United Nations in 2000 there are approximately 5,000 deaths annually from "honor" killings. Even if one death occurred due to such barbarity, it would be one too many, as the Qur'an emphasizes that whoever takes an innocent life without sanction it is as if the murderer has slaughtered the entirety of humanity (5:35).

To use the existence of such killings to smear Islam shows the desperation and misplaced priorities of those levying such attacks. Most of those deaths are the pathetic acts of sick individuals, who are far removed from the letter, as we have briefly shown above, and the spirit of Islam. An example of such an individual is Muhammad Riaz, a British Muslim of South Asian descent who died as a result of a fire he set to burn to death his wife and four daughters, allegedly because his wife resisted his attempt to arrange marriages for his daughters. His wife and daughters did perish in that fire. To present Riaz, whose daughters had neither fornicated nor dated, as anything other than a sick individual is a sad attempt to defame Islam and it teachings.

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